Five ways in which Punjabis are celebrating #AAP win in Delhi right now

Punjabis are known to celebrate, and their jubilance is not limited to their own accomplishments  - many a times we do Bhangra on the tunes of neighbor's  1949 model cassette player, at uninvited marriages as wedding crashers and on Jagjit Singh's Gazals after a Landu jiha Pegg.

So when Aam Aadmi Party, the rebellious anti-status quo party Punjabis across the globe have been rooting for, is winning a landslide victory in Delhi, here are five ways in which Punjabis all over are celebrating.

1. By making Badal Memes©

Nothing tickles our funny bone more than talking about Sukha - the legendary -wish to be politician, perceived as a stand up comedian - son of Prakash Badal - who started his Chief Ministership in the Era of Great Alexander and still is holding on to the CM chair in Punjab. Switzerland has Chaplin, US has Carrey, we got Sukha!

This photo is definitely photoshopped! Just in case you are wearing a loaned glasses, loaned for your bribe as Punjab Pulce!

2. By imagining Delhi is really Delhipur Ghaseeta, Distt Jalandhar, Punjab

With every Punjabi having a Uncle or Bhua, who are Nahin Rehna India (NRI), we tend to think the world as a global village more than the Chinese investors trying to take over every company with above a $100 in their account. Some have their fears ...

While other imagine legislative election scheduled next year has been won and take it to ..... wait for it .... Bhangra!

Posted by ਰਘਬੀਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਭਰੋਵਾਲ on Monday, February 9, 2015

To be fair, there is only distance of 500 kilometers, which using Indian road system only takes a month and and few days to travel. But for Bhangra and Party, we don't need a wormhole for space travel. You call me, I'm there before you keep the phone down! Bruaaah!

3. By showing "appreciation"

Since the time of Adam, the snake decided to turn to God Men - with a terrible singing voices and worse acting. Yes the species is not endangered but growing unchecked.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHChal gya jadu ,uuda di dhool ,na rha panja ,na rha phool.LOLZZZcongrats AAP

Posted by Gurkirpal Singh AkaaLi on Monday, February 9, 2015

4. By singing Poetry

If there is one resource, that we can significantly export to increase our state treasury debt that has quadrupled to pay for Hermes bag for the Badal family and for the 100th knee replacement for the older CM - it is Punjabi singers. So no wonder we express ourselves best by singing in terrible voices, and sometimes we break the internet when we singing crashing the windows. Once in a while though, we sing well!

Aoundi Ay Awaaz kito Ron dhon di Chori chori bedi kejri nu sundi - Ballu Result day

Posted by Barjinder Singh on Monday, February 9, 2015

5. By supporting the underdog

Kejriwal in Punjab being embraced like a Fuffar!

Aam Aaadmi Party was not born in Punjab, yet it received the largest support in Punjabis living across the globe and in the land of rivers. During the Lok Sabha Election, Punjab saved the Party's absolute loss across India by giving it four members of Parliament.

Born rebels, the offsprings of Ghadarites, the winners of Kabul and Kandhaar, the rulers of largest secular kingdom of 19th century, the poets, the warriors, the worshippers of the sword, have through generation rooted for the underdog, fought for the weak, and embraced their enemies.

So no wonder when Delhi fought for a change, Punjabis were there. The change is coming, and as ever Punjabi are living and dancing on the frontier!

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