Top 5 iOS apps for the Punjabi Millennial

If you’re an Android fan-boy or a Windows phone using revolutionary look away now. The following article is a list of 5 must-have iOS based apps for the Punjabi millennial.

On second thought, wait. Maybe this is where you realize how empty & shallow your life is without an iPhone/iPad. Now is when you decide to go ahead and sell your right kidney/ left nut and buy that iPhone6+ that you (don’t) need.

For the rest of you Stevinder Singh Jobs impersonators, here’s 5 apps that you absolutely billkul-wi just cannot miss.

1. Sikh Stories for Kids

Now before you scoff at the word ‘kids’, a sad fact here is that most of us millennials have absolutely no clue what the more popular Punjabi folk tales are, and this series of audiobooks is a step in the right direction.

It’s damn right cheaper than buying a brand new book & you’ll actually learn something new for a price less than your next Coors Light. Kudos to the guys over at SikhNet for stepping up to the plate & making us think. And listen.

2. The Gurmukhi Punjabi Keyboard

Picture this – you’re listening to a decent Punjabi song & want to pass on the good chimes to a 22. You have to log out of your Punjabi-listening mode & log-in in to your English-typing mode to send the message forward. If you’re successful in transitioning between the two, you’ll end up telling him about it but leave the essence out. If you’re unsuccessful, you’ll make a complete hash of it. What  other choice do you have? Find a generic app that lets you type in Gurmukhi & then Ctrl+C > Ctrl+V  the result into your messaging medium. Makes the whole process a real pain in the

Photo credits: Google baba. Contact us to claim your lost child. Better be nice though!

We believe we’ve found the ultimate solution (No, not the kind Hitler found), this native Punjabi keyboard from the Area-51-esque skunkworks within Pippallabs. Now you can type directly in Punjabi within all your messaging mediums – Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Kabootargram or whatever it is that your clique uses.

Real neat,eh? Hold on until you see the next one!

3. Dhol Juice Beats

Feel super left-out when your oriental classmate kicks your ass at Fruit Ninja? Contemplate suicide when that always-holding-a-mocha-latte blonde inundates your Facebook account with Candy crush request? Need a game that makes you look just as cool & not make you want to go all Arnie on their Ass-ta-la-vista?

Credits: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

We have your backside covered! Check out Dhol Juice Beats! A fruit-squashing dhol-juice-creating masterpiece that’ll make you want to check out the sweet beats all the way up to level 15 before you want to stop. Also, it’s Dhol. Who says nahin to that?

4. Pocket Bhangra

Ask yourself this. Are your friends sick of you blowing your own trumpet? Think you need another medium to channel your creativity? Then this Tumbi-loaded Bhangra extravaganza is for you. Pocket Bhangra is our reply to Guitar Hero as a community & full marks to the guys over at Pocket Apps Canada Inc for coming up with a genuinely cool app that’s found a really cool way to connect us to our virsa.

5. Punjabi Radio USA

Photo credits: Google baba. Contact us to claim your lost child. Better be nice though!

A surprisingly all-encompassing app that meets all your acoustic needs. Whether you’re in the mood for the latest Diljit number or if you feel like staring at the rain outside your window while listening to an incredibly mopey Bollywood track, they’ve got your number.

Think we missed an app that should have made this list? Leave us a comment or reach out to us via  Twitter and/or Facebook  and we’ll give your suggestions all the time we have (which is a LOT.)

Disclaimer: The author is a disgruntled, deprived & rather uncouth Blackberry user who agreed to write this article in return for a pint of  Lager.

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